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cottontail farm rabbit
Mottled Java hen
Mottled Java cock
upright spinning wheel and a curious kitty
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Polaris Star Farm
Kaufman County, Texas
© 2012 - 2020
Preserving the past for the future.

Welcome to our small piece of country, where we're incorporating old-fashioned knowledge and skills into our 21st century lives.
Looking for yarn to play with on the upright spinning wheel.
Mottled Java cock
Mottled Java hen enjoying the spring pasture grass.
People often ask us about the different things we do here on our little farm, so we are doing our best to share some of the knowledge and skills that are becoming lost in today's hi-tech society.

You can learn more about Java chickens on our other pages. We're working on getting information about Javas uploaded in one place for people to learn more about these terrific, old fashioned chickens.

Our Adventures blog is the place to find things like recipes, DIY instructions, and information about activities we are working on that you may be interested in doing at your home.

On social media sites like Facebook, you can find us sharing new info posted on our website & blog, along with more frequent updates on our homesteading adventures. You'll also find we post links to useful, and sometimes just plain fun information on a variety of subjects for people that enjoy animals, cooking, homesteading, crafting, herbs, history, etc. Links to our social media pages can be found by scrolling farther down the page.
A cottontail that calls our farm home.
Technology is great, but it isn't able to give a sense of purpose and satisfaction like doing some things by hand, using creativity, skill, and frequently, a lot of sweat.
1876 Singer treadle sewing machine
Around here, we're doing a bit of everything to build our farm and enrich our lives, with activities like raising rare heritage breed poultry, growing & preserving food, and working on handmade items. We're constantly improving skills as we learn more about how our ancestors fed, clothed, and sheltered their families without the modern conveniences available today.
Making pickles from homegrown cucumbers.
Doc Robinson preparing to geld a horse.
*** This website is currently best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer using a highspeed internet connection. If we compress some these photos too much for viewing on a phone, especially antique photos, it will be more difficult for you to view them and glean detailed information from them. We hope you find some of the information interesting & helpful.
A shady spot to be on the lookout for coyotes.