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new Mottled Java chicks
week old Mottled Java chicks
older Mottled Java chicks
Mottled Java cockerels
Mottled Java pullets
Mottled Java pullet
Mottled Java cockerel
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Mottled Java chicks at just a few days old.
Mottled Java chicks approximately a week old
Mottled Javas, approximately a month old
Bachelor quarters for Mottled Java cockerels - approximately 10 months old.
Mottled Java pullets, 9 & 10 months old - foraging fools :)
Mottled Java pullet
Mottled Java cockerel
Mottled Java hen
Mottled Java cock
Incubating eggs for hatching
Mottled Java chick all tuckered out from hatching
Mottled Java chicks starting to dry out after hatching - these have some orange yolk staining on their fluff
Mottled Javas, approximately 2 months old - pullet in front and cockerel in the background with a larger & redder comb and wattles
Polaris Star Farm
Kaufman County, Texas
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Black and Mottled Java eggs with variations seen in individuals