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Polaris Star Farm
Kaufman County, Texas
© 2012 - 2020
Here's a glimpse of our small farm. Currently we have Java chickens and have just started with Narragansett turkeys. We also enjoy the company of our rescue donkeys, Jack and Jenny, who patrol the pasture on coyote watch.
Our Java chickens provide us with more than just eggs. Besides being great entertainment, they provide us with help in the garden by eating bugs, digging in the dirt, and giving us chicken poop that we throw on the compost pile and turn into fertilizer. We even use their eggshells in the garden to help prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Java chickens are "dual purpose" birds - meaning their utility purpose is to provide both meat and eggs.
We breed our Javas for preservation and also for their utility purposes.

To learn more about Javas, check out our Java pages. We hope to inspire other people to breed these old fashioned chickens for their enjoyment, for food, and to help keep Javas alive for future generations to enjoy.

Occasionally we have Javas available for sale. Check with us if you are interested in obtaining Javas. While they are suitable for a farm, they also can live happily as a backyard chicken that lays breakfast.
Tools of the farm trade.
Mottled and Black Javas on pest control duty in the garden.
One of our older styled chicken tractors - a shed on wheels. The run still has the plastic on the north/west sides for winter wind protection.
Open air A-Frame style chicken tractor set up with tarp for winter rain protection.
Black and Mottled Javas chasing grasshoppers in the garden.
Mottled Javas posing in their decorated house.
Narragansett turkey poult showing off his strutting technique.
Are treats involved in this photo shoot?